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Summer 2018 Update

Hi all,

I know it’s been forever since I’ve posted something on the blog.  So I wanted to get on here and give you an update on what’s been going on this summer.

First of all my daughter graduated from high school.  So many mixed emotions.  Proud of her accomplishments but also sad because I knew it meant the growing up years were over and she would be off soon to college.

We also moved from Connecticut to Florida!  After 13 years of  living in Connecticut you can imagine how complicated it was to pack all of our belongings, purge what we could, and get settled into a brand new place. In the midst of all the packing we were also selling our house.  We were fortunate that we were able to find a buyer fairly quickly.  It was tough to let go of the house.  This is the house where our daughter grew up.  So many memories in every single room.  I had my moments of tears throughout, especially on the last day when we drove out our driveway for the last time.

Here’s a picture of our home.  You can see we were surrounded by trees which were gorgeous in the fall season, my favorite season.  During the first snow fall it looked like a winter wonderland with all of the snow on the branches.

Since the middle of July it’s all been about unpacking all of our belongings in our new home, a lovely house that we are renting for now while we shop around for a permanent house to buy in a year.  The weather is incredibly hot and humid.  I’m thankful for central air conditioning every single day.  I keep telling myself I’ll appreciate the warmer weather in the winter when it’s super cold up north.

I have a bit smaller craft space that I have to share with all of my books.  But it’s one of my favorite rooms in the house because it has a beautiful window that looks out into the front yard.  The natural light is lovely.  In my old house the craft room was in the basement so not much natural light there.

As if all of this wasn’t enough, last weekend we traveled to Colorado to move in my daughter to Colorado College to start her freshman year!  The weather was wonderful.  Warm but not humid.  And the scenery is gorgeous.  The campus is surrounded by huge mountains.  I’m so jealous of the beauty she gets to see every single day.  She’s had her first week of college and so far she’s doing great.  She already sounds so grown up.  

Here she is all moved into her dorm room.  It was so hard to let her go.  She’s my one and only and we’re pretty close.  There have been many tears since I returned to Florida, but each day it gets better and I’m getting used to her not being around all of the time.  I’ve never appreciated texting as much as I do now.  It’s such a great way to just send a quick message and check in with her throughout her busy day.

So what’s going to happen around here now that the summer is beginning to wind down?  Well now that my craft room is unpacked and semi-organized I can get back to making new projects.  I basically haven’t crafted in about two months so I’m feeling a bit rusty.  I’ve also started putting new things onto the Etsy shop.  So make sure to check the store out.  And I’m hoping to get back into a routine of blog posting this coming week, so stay tuned.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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