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Skater Girl

Lately I’ve been so involved making cards that I’ve been neglecting my scrapbooking.  This year I’m trying to balance my time between both card making and scrapbooking.  Here’s a page I made yesterday, all with items from my stash!  This last Fall my daughter finally got the skateboard she wanted.  It’s a pretty cool one with an image of Bob Marley playing soccer (her other favorite sport), underneath the board.  She’s just learning but she’s having a great time experimenting.

For a couple of years I was a member of Paper Wishes Monthly Personal Shopper where each month for a set price they send you a box full of their latest papers and embellishments.  It’s a wonderful collection of goodies to play with.  But of course I wouldn’t use up my box in a month.  So I’ve accumulated a nice collection of papers from Paper Wishes.  Now that I’m working through my stash, I’m enjoying perusing through all the different papers.  For instance the background paper for this page comes from the June 2010 kit.

I took my time creating the title, “Skater Girl.”  I used alphabet stamps with blue ink on white paper and then cut out each letter.  I created a tag using the Tag’s Template. I embellished it with some 3-D Star Dazzle Stickers, a button and some ribbon.

I must confess I did not come up with the decorative ideas you see on the bottom border.  I have a hard time imagining collages consisting of different types of embellishments. With the Personal Shopper kits come great full color idea newsletters with lots of page examples using all of the materials in the kit.  There was a similar idea of combining a folded ribbon with both ends knotted with the star dazzles.  So I tried it and it worked!  I like how it all worked together at the end.  The stars all came from the shame sheet of dazzle stickers, which I’d used before, and with this use I finished the sheet!  First item completely used up from my stash!

Total purchasing tally for week 1: $0.

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