• Elizabeth Garcia

Sing & Dance

Last year my daughter had her dance debut at a local talent show.  She’d been attending an after school club focusing on hip-hop.  As someone who danced in college, I was filled with pride to see her on stage following a choreography, doing her moves to the beat of the music.  For her performance she was required to use make-up.  Now she’s 10 years old and although some other parents have already allowed their children to put on make-up and use nail polish, we have not, believing that its important that a child fully enjoy their childhood before they take on more grown up behaviors.  Especially these days it seems that the media just pushes our kids to grow up too quickly.  However, this was a special night and she pleadingly looked at me while I was discussing our hesitations with the program coordinator.  So I allowed it.  I have to admit she looked adorable in her make-up and gave  me a glimpse of what an older version of her might look like.  To help me capture that evening on my scrapbook page I used the following sketch from Let’s Scrap, a great online community for scrapbookers.

I used bright colorful papers from Paper Wishes to capture the fun of the evening, which surprisingly went well with the darkness in the photos since they were taken outside at night.  The music dazzles were perfect providing me with the title “Sing & Dance” and the notes and microphone.  The latest in dazzle stickers is what they call jewel dazzles which are the shiny blue circles accenting throughout the page.  They are kind of like flat rhinestones.  I’d kept the ticket for the talent show and clipped out the portion of the program where her particular performance was listed which fit perfectly into the page.

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