• Elizabeth Garcia

Getting Your Mojo back after Vacation

Hello Everyone!

I’m back from vacation.  We had an awesome time in Florida.   The heat was awful, but we had so much fun visiting all the parks.  I have tons of photos.  It’ll take me quite a while to scrap them all.  I’ll definitely share those as I start to create them.  One of the things I found when I returned is that it’s not so easy getting back into my crafting.  Two weeks completely away from all things crafty really affected my ability to get back into the game when I returned.  So, what to do?  Well, I started by getting reacquainted with my supplies.  I began by looking through my collection of ribbons.  They needed to be reorganized anyway, so I took my time looking through each one, organizing by color, really enjoying the texture of each one and their respective vibrant colors.  I then went through the scraps I’d left on my table.  Reconnecting with those projects I’d just finished before I left on vacation, which reminded me of what designs and styles were fresh on my mind before leaving.  I started to think about what holidays are coming up.  Certainly preparing for the Holiday season when I’m hoping to do some craft fairs, means starting to work on those Christmas projects.  We also have Halloween coming up as evident in the latest issues of all my favorite scrapbook and cardmaking magazines.  So I started to pull out supplies (paper, stamps, etc.) related to both of these holidays to remind myself of what I have and what else I might need to stock up on.  And finally, I visited some of my favorite websites including those that offer video tutorials, which in my case are Paper Wishes, KWerner Design, and Gina K Designs Stamp TV.

After getting back in touch with my supplies and watching some videos, I was itching to start creating.  So if you ever feel like you’ve lost your mojo.  Don’t panic!  Go back to the basics.  Do some reorganizing of your supplies, spend an afternoon just looking at your collection of patterned paper admiring the designs and wonderful colors, or visit websites and blogs from your favorite fellow crafters or suppliers.  I guarantee you’ll be back at your crafting table creating new paper wonderfulness in no time!

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