• Elizabeth Garcia

Dazzle Cards

You’d think that using up a sheet of dazzle stickers would be relatively easy.  After all it’s just one sheet of stickers.  And not even a whole new sheet of stickers, but one where I’d already used some of the stickers in projects done months ago.  I figured this would be an easy way to use  up my stash and get the satisfaction of throwing away the remains of a thoroughly used stash item.  Boy was I wrong.  Here are the 8, count them, 8 cards I made over the course of the last few weeks using the remains of a used dazzle sheet of roses.

I made birthday and mother’s day cards with this one sheet of Silver Stacked Rose Dazzles.  Now of course I could’ve stacked a number of the pieces together to make one multidimensional flower and used up my stickers faster.  But the thrifty crafter in me just couldn’t help but think about how many more cards I could make if I kept my stacking to a minimum.  The first card shows the last remains from the sheet, which were the leaf behind the stamped flower and the little vine of roses along the left-side border.

This is just a perfect example of how you can make your stash go a long way.

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