• Elizabeth Garcia

Bad Scrapping Day

Do you ever have those days when you feel you’re forcing the creativity to happen?  Well creating this page was one of those experiences for me.  I typically have these experiences when I’m being stubborn about using a left over piece from another project.  I’d punched out a circle with my multi-shape punch to use on a card which left me with a square piece with an ornate hole in the middle.  I thought it would make a nice frame for a photo on a scrapbook page.  I selected a photo from our family trip to Puerto Rico this past Thanksgiving.  It’s a rare photo of me (most of my photos are of my daughter), standing in the midst of palm tree leaves.  But once I figured out how to use the frame and the photo together, I drew a blank.  How else should I embellish this page?

I turned to my trusty dazzle stickers from Paper Wishes, using their Floral Scrapbooking Dazzles.  I added a border along the left side of the page and a trio of flowers backed with patterned paper on the top left corner of the frame.  Thankfully the dazzle sheet also had a title, since for sure deciding on a title would’ve resulted in more hours of blankly staring at the page. I added some ribbon along the bottom of the photo and called it a day.

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